What We Can Do?

We can provide you with the most advanced water pitcher to create alkaline water for you and your family.

We can provide you with convenient options to make your water alkaline.

What We CANNOT Do?

We cannot make you drink alkaline water to help your body heal at a cellular level.

We cannot make sure you have the convenient Allwater Drops or Energy Stick with you; in your purse, pocket, brief case, desk, or gym bag.

Safe Water*

Metabolism, and

Improves the way
your cells
Absorb Nutrients,
Distribute Energy, and
Excrete Toxins*

Balanced Energy
Throughout Your
Vital Organs*

Acidity and
Your Cells*

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Alkaline Water Pitcher - They are not all created equal.

The Energy Pitcher C7 generates negative hydrogen—tiny, yet powerful antioxidants that are small enough to provide maximum health and protection for your brain and nervous system.*

Fight Free Radicals

For healthier cells, tissues, and organs.

Alkalize, Ionize & Magnetize

To maximize hydration and create a healthy biological terrain.

Energize, Purify & Mineralize

For clean, performance enhancing water that improves electrical conductivity.

Alkaline Allwater Drops - Alkaline Water Convenience

ALLWATER drops are specifically designed to raise the pH level of your water to a healthy alkaline state.

It's so portable and can be used with any beverage.

These drops enhance water by elevating its' pH to a more alkaline state.


Conduct electricity and are responsible for fluid balance throughout the body.


A naturally occurring amino acid
with amazing buffering power.


Another powerful buffering agent that, when combined with Glycine, makes the most powerful and unique product available.

The Juuva Allwater Drops have been carefully formulated to provide the option of treating small and large volumes of water.

Juuva Energy Stick - Alkaline Water Convenience

The Juuva Energy Stick utilizes micro-electrolysis technology for maximum hydration and energy.

Use it with any water bottle, making it highly portable and convenient.

It works by utilizing a variety of natural elements. It contains health-promoting minerals with biological functions and utilizes micro-electrolysis technology. This process is used to improve the biodegradability of water.

Health Promoting Stones

Tourmaline Stone, Zeolite Stone, Muyu Jade Stone help to
detoxify, add negative ions, and improve mineral absorption.

Powders and Clays

Act as anti-bacterial,
micro-clustering, and
anion emitting agents.

Water Enhancing Beads

remove chloride and
make water cleaner and sweeter.

A Juuva Energy Stick is an unparalleled, easy to use product whose ingredients deliver a variety of trace minerals required to energize and protect every cell in your body.

Why Should I Care?

Improves my immune system, to help it fight disease.

Restores body function by cleaning my cells from the inside out.

Improves my body's ability to absorb nutrients.

Increases blood oxygen levels to deliver more energy to my body.

Alkaline water neutralizes the acidity of the body caused by stress, junk food diet, pollution, and many bottled waters.

A Few Testimonials...

Energy Pitcher

When I first tasted the water from the Energy Pitcher I realized that water is the smoothest water I had ever tasted. I believe the water from the Energy Pitcher hydrates the body faster.

Debbie M

Energy Pitcher

When I first tasted the water from the Energy Pitcher I realized that water is the smoothest water I had ever tasted. I believe the water from the Energy Pitcher hydrates the body faster.

Pam G

Energy Pitcher

I love to fill my Juuva drinking bottle from my Energy Pitcher every time I go play tennis. A few swallows of alkalized, ionized, makes all the difference in my hydration regimen. Other have mentioned a noticeable difference in my performance.

Energy Pitcher

Being so low in iron. One of the biggest issues or problems when you are so low in iron is your blood doesn’t get enough oxygen to the tissues and organs. By drinking my Ionized Alkaline water from Juuva Allwater drops and Juuva Energy Stick as well as my Juuva Energy Pitcher it has helped provide the oxygen to my tissue and organs that my body can’t at this time.

Amy H


Due to an acidity issue I have – I now do not have to worry when I am out and about with Juuva Allwater and Energy Stick it keeps me balanced and now my face doesn’t burn from the acidity.

Em D


I love the way I feel when I have the Juuva Allwater and Energy Stick in spin class. I have more energy and feel less tired and less thirsty when I am done with class.

Ember B


I don’t go a day without Juuva Allwater and my Juuva Energy stick. I work in a shop and used to get leg cramps from dehydration. Now I stay hydrated and I am way less sore.

Robert B


I have not had to use my rescue inhaler for my breathing issues in 2 ½ years. Every time I have an attack I use Allwater and I get immediate relief.

Jarred S

Energy Stick

I’ve always loved water and drink 80oz day average. I never knew about Alkaline water until we found Juuva. I feel better hydrated and energized, with less acidic problems and fresher skin! Simply amazed! I have the Allwater & Energy Stick for travel and C7 for home use.

Danielle M

Energy Stick

The Juuva Allwater and Juuva Energy Stick have been wonderful, giving me more energy as I carry it with me everywhere I go. Since I can’t carry the Juuva Energy Pitcher with me everywhere I go. The good water has helped me to get off of soda pop, which has been so healthy and my feet no longer swell from drinking soda pop.

Gloria W

How Can I Improve my Cellular Health?