Initiate and Lead the Way 

Spike and Scooter spend most of their days under water. They can sit on the bottom of the aquarium for what seems like forever.

Occasionally, one will surface for a breath of air and then return to the bottom, then, a bit later, the other will surface. Scooter surfaces more frequently and for longer periods while Spike remains submerged longer and surfaces only for a quick breath occasionally. Teach turtle takes a gulp of air when their bodies require it.

We humans spend a lot of time waiting and watching to see when it is acceptable to attend to our needs. We monitor out partner’s mood for an acceptable time to make a request or we wait for someone else to begin a discussion at a staff meeting.

Rather than listening to our inner voice, we wait and watch. If Scooter waited for Spike to take a breath, and if Spike waited for Scooter to do the same, the two would remain submerged until they both asphyxiated.

Attune to yourself. You know what you need and when you need it. Don't hold your breath and hope for the best.

The Turtles, Catherine S Traff
Photo, Samar

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